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Oral History

 The CHIK project was set up to record and commemorate the coalfield communities of Kent though the collection of photographs and oral reminiscences.

Our Oral History Collection

Below is a selection of sound files from our Oral History Collection

Coming to Kent

SR27-1 Move to Kent

SR40-1 to Kent


SR75-3 Bowling Snowdown

SR75-3 Playing football Snowdown

SR75-3 Semi-pro footballers 50's

SR75-3 Three pits run

The Community

SR15-1 Duties of miners wife

SR15-1 Night shift quiet children

SR15-2 Social club Ramsgate

SR40-1 Elvington ashy tip sledging

SR40-1 Houseproud

SR40-1 Miners daughter

SR40-2 Sense of community

SR65-1 Miners child

SR75-1 Memory of mother and panikity

SR75-1 Perception of self as miners child

SR75-1 Women gossiping

SR75-1 Bows and arrows

SR75-2 Social 1950's

SR75-3 Safety of Aylesham and honesty

SR75-3 Sense of community and memory

SR75-3 Tunnel vision in Aylesham

SR75-4 Buying on tick

SR75-4 Mother working the fields

SR75-4 Women 1984 strike

SR76-1 Every mother mine


SR10-1 Asleep in pit

SR15-2 First day

SR15-2 Never seeing daylight

SR15-2 Purpose of pits

SR15-2 Work and bed

SR37-1 Chewing tobacco

SR37-1 Making and wearing clogs

SR37-1 Playing tricks

SR37-1 Snap time

SR37-2 Mice

SR40-1 Job at Coalboard offices

SR65-2 Duties of Undermanager

SR65-2 Underground

SR75-2 Butty system Snowdown

SR75-2 Description of Pan turning

SR75-2 Discipline on pit bottom the corporal

SR75-2 Job on haulage and communal spirit

SR75-2 Loading 60-40 system

SR75-2 Screens

SR76-3 Wages 1940's Durham Kent


SR40-1 Food during WWII

SR40-1 Restricted area WWII

SR40-1 WWII enemy fire Elvington

SR75-3 Betteshanger and Snowdown rugby





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