Ripple Hoard


This hoard of Bronze Age tools was found in Ripple, near Deal by metal detectorists in 1994 and 1995. They have been kindly donated to the museum for the Dover Bronze Age Boat Gallery

A palstave is a type of axe.

The technology of Bronze Age axe-making developed from simple one-piece moulds, to two-piece and then three piece moulds. The palstave is the furthest development of the axe made from a two piece mould, before three-piece mould axes were developed.


A flanged axe

This Bronze Age axe has been hafted onto a replica handle. It is a development of the flat axe made from a one-piece mould. The sides are hammered down to make 'flanges' on either side to help attach the axe head to the haft.


A replica palstave

A palstave is a development of the flat axe, where the shaped sides are cast rather than hammered.


A replica socketed axe

A socketed axe is made with a hollow end, so the handle fits inside the 'socket'. It is then tied on. This replica axe has a 'loop' to allow the axe to be tied onto the handl




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